F de Castro (HNP)

The group is focused in the study of oligodendrogliogenesis, cell biology of oligodendrocyte precursors and MS (pathogenesis, diagnosis) and the development of new neuroreparative therapies for MS.

The main contributions to REEM are:

  1. Analysis of the role of immune response in CNS damage in collaboration with P Villoslada/J García Ojalvo, K Vandenbroeck, O Fernandez, and C Guaza.
  2. Study of the cell biology of oligodendrocyte precursors, myelination and re-myelination in collaboration with A Martínez and C Guaza.
  3. Development of new biomarkers for MS based in omics technologies in collaboration with M Comabella, A Saiz, L Villar, O Fernandez, P Villoslada and E Urcelay.
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