O Fernandez / Laura Leyva (HCH)

The group focuses its research in the field of Multiple Sclerosis looking for new susceptibility and response biomarkers. One of the contributions of the group to this program is a platform for determining antibodies against biologicals used in MS, whose determination is essential to evaluate the response to treatment. The research laboratory of Hopital Carlos Haya has more than 10 years of experience in determining neutralizing antibodies. Moreover, this centre has been validated as reference laboratory for the determination of Natalizumab antibodies in Spain and Portugal.

As additional contributions, the group collaborates with REEM by providing the experimental immune models of EAE (Relapsing-Remmiting and Progressive Chronic). These models serve as a tool for testing new biomarkers identified in patient samples. The group also has developed a programme of cellular therapy in two models of EAE (acute and chronic) and developes clinical trials in MS patients.

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