M Lopez Botet / JE Martinez (HM)

The group integrates immunologists and neurologists from Hospital del Mar (Barcelona) and its research institute (IMIM). ML-B expertise on human NK cell biology was developed over the last 20 years; his scientific records include: 136 published documents; 7,795 citations, h index=48 (ISI WOK, 2012). Members of the Neurology Service with experience in MS clinical management and translational research joined the team to study the NK cell response in the context of MS pathogenesis and herpesviruses involvement.

Contributions to REEM are:

  1. Analysis of the innate and adaptive immune response in MS in collaboration with L Villar, M Lopez-Botet, P Villoslada/Ojalvo, A Saiz, B Casanova, D Otaegui.
  2. Analysis of the effects of microbiota in the immune response in collabroation with L Villar, M Comabella/X Montalban.
  • Publicaciones del grupo: