V Casanova (HF)

The Research Group on Multiple Sclerosis, integrates clinical activity with neurologic and ophthalmologic diagnostic techniques (MRI, evoked potentials, and optical coherence tomography), and basic research. We currently focuse on 3 aspects: determination of antibodies to lipids in the CSF, the determination of the cytokines that direct the different pathways of immune activation, and the study of cells in the CSF. We intend to obtain prognostic markers and response to treatment that allows us to stratify patients with demyelinating diseases according to choose the best treatment possible, and improve the risk profile according to prognosis, treatment response and drug safety. To achieve these objectives we have prospectively followed patients registered in a database created for this purpose, laboratory equipment for the determination of proteins, lipids, antibodies, post-processing software and instrumentation derived from neurophysiology, and ophthalmology.

We collaborate with REEM in the topic "Celular and humoral immune response in the pathogenesis of MS" in collaboration with L Villar, O Fernandez, L Lopez-Botet, P Villoslada, M Comabella/X Montalban.

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