D Otaegui (IBD)/ J Olascoaga (HD)

The Group has been working in multiple sclerosis research since 1999. During this time the group has done some contributions to the field with two remarkable milestones:

  1. The group proposed that the expression patterns of the genes changes in the blood of the patients after a relapse, in the so called recovery phase in which the system is trying to remyelinate the lesion. The paper in journal of immunology (2007) support the recently proposed gene expression pattern mirroring effect between blood and nervous central system and proposed a candidate gene that plays a role in this remielinating phase.
  2. The group has been the first one that establish (Plos One, 2009) the connection between the expression of the microRNA and multiple sclerosis disease in general, but also the role of some microRNA in the recovering of a relapse. After the publication of this paper, that had been received 28 cites in two years, 31 other works has been published in two years confirming the proposed relation. These work opened a new path to study and try to understand the disease.