X Montalban / M Comabella (HVH)

The group is focused on the (i) search of clinical, radiological, and molecular markers related with different aspects of multiple sclerosis (MS) such as disease susceptibility, response to treatment, conversion to MS in patients with clinically isolated syndromes (CIS), and disease course; and (ii) discovery of therapeutic targets and development of new therapies based on strategies such as DNA vaccination, tolerance induction, or genomic profiling of neural stem cells differentiated to CNS-specific cell lineages.

Main contributions to REEM:

  1. To coordinate the "Interaction Gene-Environment in MS" subprogram, which include search of causal genetic variants of loci associated with MS, investigation of the effect of MS-associated genes in the response to therapies, and study of gene-environment interactions in retrospective and prospective cohorts of CIS patients by means of multivariate models. Collaborating groups: E Urcelay, K Vandenbroeck, G Izquierdo, A Navarro, M Villar/JC Garcia-Merino, O Fernandez, A Saiz, D Otaegui/J Olaskoaga, B Casanova.
  2. To participate in the "Immune response and immunotherapy" subrogram, with a leading role in the study of the microbiota and probiotics in the immune response using the animal model of MS.
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