To develop the project for the period 2013-2016 we have designed two scientific programs and a training program. Each program is organized by a coordinator and the various research groups from different institutions to develop the program.

  1. Program 1 - Interaction Gene-Environment in MS

    1. WP1. Genetic factors in MS
      1. Task 1.1. Search for causal genetic variants and study of their functional implications in patients with MS
      2. Task 1.2. Pharmacogenomics
    2. WP2. Environmental factors in MS
      1. Task 2.1. Virome-wide association study (VWAS) of EBV and HHV-6 and human variants with MS.
      2. Task 2.2. Role of vitamin D in MS susceptibility
    3. WP3. Interaction genome-environment in MS
      1. Task 3.1. Modeling gene-environment interactions in MS
      2. Task 3.2. Validation of gene-environment models
  2. Program 2 - Immune response and immunotherapy

    1. WP4. Role of celular and humoral immune response in MS
      1. Task 4.1. Innate immune response
      2. Task 4.2. Adaptative immune response
      3. Task 4.3. Humoral response
    2. WP5. Microbiota and immune response in MS
      1. Task 5.1. Microbiota and probiotics in the immune response
  3. Program 3 - Training and Coordination

      1. Year 1. Bioinformatics and biomarker development
      2. Year 2. Omics: genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics
      3. Year 3. Imaging and cytometry analisis
      4. Year 4. Antibodies and antigens as biomarkers