The Spanish Network of Multiple Sclerosis (REEM)

REEM is a thematic Network of Cooperative Research of the Institute of Health Carlos III, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiviness where we investigate the causes of the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis through the collaboration of groups throughout Spain with the aim of improving the quality of life of people suffering from this disease.

Specifically, our objectives are:

  • 1 Develop a cooperative research program on the causes (etiology), diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis through collaboration between research groups in Spain.
  • 2 Promote shared resources for different centers and for the National Health System like clinical databases and samples (biobanks) to enable the completion of scientific studies of high quality and relevant resources.
  • 3 Train researchers in the knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis, through courses, conferences and stages in laboratories.
  • 4 Improve therapies and quality of life of more than 2 million people with the disease worldwide.